New! 2024 BEST Antenna Design CouRSE

Antenna Arrays for Radar and Communications


Examples can be opened using FREE software!

No need for HFSS or CST Studio!

Or even Matlab!


Here are few examples - You will learn how to select all dimensions

And run your simulation using openEMS:


5-element series-fed array


5-element shunt-fed array


8-element parallel-fed array


This beautiful EM-field distribution images

are generated directly in Octave script.

So you can put these images in your
 research paper, study report, and more!

What’s inside?

ü Step-by-step instructions

ü openEMS simulation examples!

ü 1# Series-fed array antenna

ü 2# Shunt-fed array antenna

ü 3# Parallel feeding network

ü 4# Slotted waveguide array

ü 5# Simple metamaterial antenna

ü Beamforming

ü Radiation pattern

ü Weighted arrays

More examples

4-element slotted waveguide antenna

(“series-slots” configuration)


4-element slotted waveguide antenna

(“shunt-slots” configuration)


3-element metamaterial antenna with tilted beam


Inset-feeding technique parametric sweep